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We Collect Used Eyeglasses

The Darien Lions Club collects used eyeglasses, sunglasses, lenses, used hearing aids, and keys that are then passed on to the Lions of Illinois Foundation.  The used eyeglasses, sunglasses, and hearing aids are then sorted, inspected, the prescriptions identified, and packaged to be shipped out of the country to third-world countries where they are distributed to needy children and adults to help improve their vision or hearing and their quality of life.  The keys are converted into cash via a recycler to help cover the cost of distribution of the eyeglasses and hearing aids.


Our main collection box is in front of Jewel Foods on 75th and Cass Ave.  We also have 15 collection points at other large retailers such as Meijer's, Costco, and Sam's Club in Woodridge as well as Oxford Bank in Westmont, and Wal-Mart in Darien.  Most of the items listed on this page can be deposited in the collection box.  You can also ask any Darien Lions Club member you may know to drop off the items at the next meeting. 

Darien Lions Club Foundation received about $400 for cell phones and inkjet cartridges this past year.  We thank you for donating your used items to a very worthy cause.

For any questions, the 2023-2024 chairman is Lion Bruce Danielson (

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