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Flag Program

The Darien Lions Club is providing an easy way for you to show your patriotism. For an annual fee of $50.00 the Darien Lions club will post and retire a 3’X5’ American flag at your house.

The Flags will be posted Memorial Day through Veterans Day.

We hope that everyone appreciates this program as much we do and hope that your friends and neighbors will ask you about the new Flag pole on your property.

We also hope that you will share this program information with your neighbors so we can grow the program and show patriotism for our flag, military and the veterans that have served for the United States of America. 

Thank you for your generosity, support, and patriotism.  


For more information and the ability to sign up for this program, click the button below.




If you have any questions please contact Lions Leslie Sweeney and Tracy Johnson at:

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