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Donations by Cash or Check

The easiest method of making a donation to the Foundation is by simply writing a personal check.  Checks should be payable to 'Darien Lions Club Foundation'.  Bank transfers by check are fast and reliable and your returned check is an acceptable receipt for tax deduction purposes until your gift acceptance letter arrives.
Cash is certainly accepted as a form of donation, of course this type of contribution will require a personal exchange.  Sending cash through any mail delivery method is not recommended.  Please contact us if you wish to make a cash donation


Donate through PayPal

Donate through our PayPal link here: 

Donations of Securities (Stocks and Bonds etc.)

Donation of Securities can be an effective way of leaving a legacy to help future generations with sight or hearing impairments.  Transfers to the Foundation can be made electronically, via mail, or in person.  

Gifts can be structured as a portion of the securities, or in full, and transfers can take place now or later, whenever the time is best for your situation.  

Because there  may be additional consideration needed in documenting these types of transfers, please contact us if you wish to make a donation of this nature.  Our board of directors and advisory personnel are committed to insuring a secure transfer of your donation in a manner consistent with your intentions for our combined humanitarian efforts.


Donations by Will, Codicil or Bequest (Estate, Property, Vehicles, etc.)

A Last Will and Testament can be used to donate gifts from your estate to the Foundation at a future point when they may no longer be needed .  This is another effective way of leaving a legacy to help future generations with sight or hearing impairments. 

Aside from a monetary contribution, a common consideration for inclusion in your Will might be the donation of a vehicle or other large asset which can ease the sale efforts of your estate's executor. 

Our Gift Acceptance policy includes information on wording that can be included in instruments such as a Will or Codicil.  Please contact us if you would like assistance in including  a donation to the Foundation in your Will.

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