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Membership FAQ

What to expect each year:

  • Club Dues are $150.00 for membership and are to be paid by October 1st of each year.  The dues breakdown is as follows; $43 for LCI, $11.30 for Lions of Illinois, $6.00 for 1J, and the balance to the DLC.

  • When attending a meeting or function, it is important to sign in.

  • Throughout the course of the year, you will receive e-vite invitations to dinners or events.  It is only a courtesy to reply whether you are coming or not.  If you reply that you are coming and do not show up, you will be billed.  The DLC had to pay for you.

  • Throughout the year the DLC will send out work assignments.  Everyone is needed so please notify the Chairman if you cannot do the assignment that is being asked of you.

  • You may be sent tickets to sell or buy.  If you cannot turn them in as sold, please return them ASAP.  These fundraisers give the DLC the ability to assist those in need.

  • To ensure the DLC grows with quality members, a member can only induct a new member once a year and after one year of membership.


What makes up a new member's first-year $150 induction fee?

  • $43 goes to Lions International, $11.30 to State dues, and $6 to District 1J (fall full, spring is half)

  • $25 is charged by Lions International for a new member’s registration and initiation

  • $40 goes towards providing a new member with their vest and name tag.

  • Currently, the Club subsidizes the cost of the vest and name tag. 


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