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Candy Day

Our Candy Day fundraising efforts for this year will be held on Friday, October 13th, and Saturday, October 14th.  On these two days, the Darien Lions and volunteers will be at local intersections and selected retail merchants soliciting donations in return for a roll of Lions mints or a multi-flavored roll of candy. 

What is great about Candy Day is that the collected money goes towards the year-long effort to fight against the reasons people are blind and deaf.  Also, the money raised helps to make the lives of those who are blind and deaf a little easier and gives them some hope.

The Darien Lions take exceptional pride in being the top Candy Day collector in Illinois.  Through the generous contributions of motorists, local merchants, and individuals, we raised over $25,000 last year.  Many long hours are put in by members and volunteers to attain this level of success.  The money collected is donated to numerous humanitarian causes.  

Recently an Illinois Lions state-level award for being the highest Candy Day fundraiser was renamed in our honor to the 'Darien Trophy'.  We share this honor and give recognition to those individual and business donors who have been so generous on Candy Day.

If you would like to make a special donation to the Darien Lions Club for the Candy Day fundraiser, please use the donate link below!

For any questions, the 2023-2024 chairpeople are Bella Serini and Germano Chiancone  ( or

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