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Darien Fest 2014

Fourth of July Parade | Candy Day | Halloween Party | Pancake Breakfast

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Darien Fest is being held from Friday through Sunday September 5th - 7th at the Darien Community Park near the corner of Plainfield and Clarendon Hills Roads in Darien.  

The Darien Chamber of Commerce runs the Fest with help from several volunteer groups like the Darien Lions.  If you'd like more info about Darien Fest, including the band schedule and other festivities, Click Here to visit the Darien Chamber of Commerce website at


The Darien Lions are prominent at Darien Fest, sporting uniform logo shirts or golden vests.  Our Corn Tent is an annual favorite among Darien fest patrons.  This year we will also be offering 'Walking Tacos' in addition to water and pop. 

So what are Walking Tacos?   We take a hand-sized bag of tasty corn chips (Doritos/Fritos brands) slightly crushed, add taco meat and lettuce or other taco ingredients.  Its an awesome treat that's perfect for the fest.

All the proceeds from our corn-tent sales are used to fund several community activities including our 4th of July Parade, our Halloween Party, and Easter Egg hunt, to name a few.  Funds are also donated to needy local residents, particularly those with hearing or vision handicaps. 

Our Club also supports the Chamber by staffing their beer and pop/water tents.  At Darien Fest, our members take the opportunity to mix with the community, so come and enjoy some good music, food, and drink.  We're always on the lookout for good and caring people to recruit as new members for our Club.  We hope to see you there.

Live Music, Food and Drinks! Games and Prizes!  Have Fun!  
Lions waiting to serve thirsty customers. Ride the Rides. 

Try a Walking Taco, and enjoy some sweet corn.

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