Services the Lions of Illinois Foundation Provides

With Candy Day Donations



The Lions of Illinois Foundation provides Services for:

1)    Camp Lions for Children

2)    Camp Lions for Adults

3)    Lions Low Vision Clinic Jacksonville

4)    Lions of Illinois Statewide Comprehensive Low Vision

     Evaluation Clinics

5)    Diabetic Eye Center

6)    Leader Dog Training

7)    Mobile Diabetic Eye Clinic

8)    Mobile Hearing Services Unit

9)    Infant Hearing Screenings

10)                       Cochlear Implant Program

11)                       Used Hearing Aid Bank

12)                       Used Eyeglasses/Hearing Aid Collection

13)                       Scholarships for Seeing and Hearing Impaired

14)                       Social Services and Referrals

15)                       Lions of Illinois Funds for Emergency


The Darien Lions Club Candy Day collections also support numerous needy families and individuals in Darien and local communities, particularly those with seeing and/or hearing impairments. 


We sincerely hope you will join us in this year’s Candy Day fund raising campaign!