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Darien Lions Club
Annual Steak Fry


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The Darien Lions
Club meets at 7:30pm
on the 2nd and 4th
Thursday of each
month at Carriage
Greens in Darien.

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Members of the Darien Lions Club meet at the annual steak fry for their first business meeting of the fiscal year.  This night marks the start of the planning for some serious business ahead as there is much to do.  It's also a time to welcome our new prospective members to meet the club and get acquainted.

The night is one of relaxation after our business concludes and its a time to catch up with one another as we enjoy our annual steak dinner. 

The dinners are self-funded, and many caring Lions give of their time to setup, purchase food, and grill a delicious meal for the entire club. 

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