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Pictured here is Past-President Lion John Galan.  He tells us that he is very happy with his new position, and sums up his year as President here.

As every June, our Club installs a new Board of Directors. The new Board takes the reins and continues with the processes, programs, and challenges the previous Board hands off. It is the responsibility of the new Board to develop new programs and/or change old programs if those changes will improve the services we deliver. The new year, 2005-06 is no exception. Our Board consists of twelve exceptionally qualified Lions, all volunteering time and effort to the success of our Club.

Here are some of our Club accomplishments for 2004 -05 and challenges we are handing off to the new board for the New Year starting July 2005: 

  • We added over 14 new members. Sadly, we lost 11.
  • We were number one in the State on Candy Day again, a record 13 years in a row.
  • We procured a computer and projector to bring visual presentations with sound and motion to meetings.
  • We built and dedicated our Recognition Patio that will stand as a lasting example of the partnership of our Club with our community.
  • We ran a successful Halloween Party that added a big change: a Haunted House.
  • Lion Kooch ran our Corn tent and raised over $2,800 to help our community donations.
  • Lion Joe Marchese a very successful Pancake Day with the continued support of Lion Dan Kaminski and his family, earning a record $9,500.
  • We donated $4,000 to diabetes research in the memory of Lion Rich Gelatka.
  • We spent over $4,200 on food baskets feeding over 110 families.
  • We raised over $1,400 at our second annual spring golf outing.
  • We raised over $500 to be used for administration expense for the members and had a great time at the second annual Night at the Races.
  • Lion Al Borowiak ran a successful and fun golf outing that came in under budget.
  • Lion Ron Kiefer ran a very successful Big Raffle selling all 400 tickets clearing over $19,000 to benefit our charities.
  • We changed the format of finding dinner speakers that brought a welcome change --  humor to our dinner meetings.
  • We added a Foundation Advisory Committee to bring stability, guidance and vigilance to our growing foundation.
  • Most importantly, we aided over 14 people with their eyeglass and hearing needs through the efforts of Lion Ralph Beardsley pro-actively seeking out needy families. This was more than we did in the past 3 years combined.  I challenge the next Special Needs Chairman to continue with this process and not fall back to the old ways of just waiting for someone to call us.

Regardless of the disagreements we may have had on issues, processes or functions, Im proud to say that when the rubber met the road, we walked on it together, united in the common bond dictated by our guiding motto WE SERVE.

This years Board, using last year as a springboard, set the standard for innovations and changes. Although we did quite a bit, there is so much more we can accomplish.  It will take vision and the ability to think outside the box, qualities that the new incoming Board members have in abundance.  All they need is your support and encouragement. 

I want to thank all of you for giving me the opportunity to represent this Club. I tried to do it with dignity and professionalism.  When I stood to speak at a District, State and or community function I always proudly opened with the statement I represent the Darien Lions.  That is the only introduction anyone of us needs. Because of you, our Club is the most recognized and well-respected service organization in the state of Illinois. You should all be very proud of that.  

I want to thank all of you for your support.




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